Acasă Articole RTR Un fenomen istoric denivelat: elita politică românească

Un fenomen istoric denivelat: elita politică românească


An Uneven Historical Phenomenon: The Romanian Political Elite

In the argumentation that this paper proposes, the hypothesis of history as a progressive accomplishment of humanity or as a unified process cannot be credible any longer. To a common sense, the orwelianism of centre and south-eastern Europe is a territory on which the democratic model, equalitarian and liberal proved abortive, severely damaged by the substratum mentality residue, by the fetishism of bureaucratic rationality, doubled by the parallel proliferation of clientage pressure. The corrupt model of a decadent modernity is placed under the sign of “hybrid”, of contradictions between essence and appearance. Deciding for the inventory of such political, cultural, social and economic residues (which put into a different light the Western model of modernity or stubbornly oppose it), we rally to the option according to which the Romanian modern project has failed due to the lack of a democratic tradition, or the lack of rights reciprocity between rules and the ruled ones, because of an uncertain set up between the elites- anti elites and the citizens. Our getting out of modernity corresponds to a sort of ecumenism, which is rather vague, open to the values from the West or to present-day experiences.
Keywords: elite, anti elites, elitism, Romanian modernity and postmodernity

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