Ethics & Peer Review

Manuscripts sent in electronic format to the Editorial Office for publication will be evaluated by our team and then sent to members of the journal’s scientific peer review team, in the research fields of literary studies, philosophy and aesthetics, history, political science, language sciences, culture and civilization of national minorities, bibliology, museology and art history, theology and history of religions. After the editorial review, we practice double-blind peer-review, a form in which neither the author nor the reviewer is provided with access to the name of the other.
The responsibility for the content & originality of the articles submitted lies exclusively with the authors. The journal verifies every article for plagiarism and assertions that could be harmful in any way to any community or person and sends every article to peers for verifying the academic relevance of every paper.
Authors should always provide sources. Transilvania uses the Chicago style for references and has its guidelines on this website (see the For Authors page).
Authors should only provide original and unpublished articles. Transilvania does not allow authors to republish their previous works within its content and strongly advises authors to wait for confirmation of publishing/rejection before sending the article to another journal.
Transilvania published scholarly articles, essays, reviews, interviews.
Authors should always mention if the article has resulted from a specific project/funding or if it follows experiments on humans/animals and state the legal standing of that experiment.
Authors may have to wait from 1 to 6 months after sending an article for the response from the editors and an additional 1 to 2 months after the acceptance for the peer review process to take place. The article will be published within 3 months since the final manuscript (post-peer) has been submitted.
The submitted manuscripts must follow the instructions in the For Authors section and be accompanied by some personal data (current home institution and email address).
The members of the editorial department of TRANSILVANIA will make an initial evaluation of every article, after which the double-blind peer-review process will start. Depending on the peer-review, an article can be immediately accepted, resent for adjustments, or rejected.
Materials that meet the scientific standards are accepted for publication, the editorial department deciding the date of publication of the articles (up to three months from the final confirmation of publication after the peer review).
We are looking forward to articles that present novelty and innovation, a high degree of originality of ideas or analysis, that prove a good knowledge of the literature, and high formal quality (conception, material organization, clarity, comprehensibility).