Acasă Articole RTR Angela Marinescu, „Probleme personale“. Drumeaţa incendiară

Angela Marinescu, „Probleme personale“. Drumeaţa incendiară


“The agressive proffesionist”

Angela Marinescu is one of the most powerful lyrical voices of Romanian feminine literature. At her respectable certain age, she can afford to look back and reconsider poetry from a diacronic point of view, which gives the advantage of self-correcting and criticizing the main weakness, namely the former temptation of experimentalism, peculiar to young poets. The desire of being shocking rather than authentic was an undeniable flaw, but now Angela Marinescu is prepared to be unrelentless to all kinds of “–isms” and change her discourse
through a radical perspective. Her task is to eradicate the burden of artificial devices that have stiffled true poetry. She conceives her poetic ego as an insurgent who would set a purifying fire to all that has been fake. Language as an organic entity is thus revitalized even by violent techniques of resuscitation, so that subjectivity should be unleashed and restored to its high, incendiary temperature named passion. Angela Marinescu proves to have a necessary surgical skill in renewing the poetic paradigm, deep onto its paradoxical and complex basis.
Keywords: Poetic surgery vs. surgical poetry, sharp analysis, authenticity vs. experimentalism, real vs. fake subjectivity, poetry vs. pseudopoetry, polemic attitude, radical perspective, restoring liricism

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