Acasă Articole RTR Tabloidizare filosofică: Sloterdijk vs. Habermas & Co.

Tabloidizare filosofică: Sloterdijk vs. Habermas & Co.


Philosophical tabloidization: Sloterdijk vs. Habermas & Co.

There exists, condensed inside the philosophical [and] tabloidization effect, a light dose of lifestyle, celebrity, entertainment and scandal, which leads one to also accept, through the notion of skandalon, a certain Biblical charge, a score, a stumble and a parallel understanding of its sense, being at the same time invested with the notion of “bait” or philosophical limit. If the philosophical locus seemed to self- contain balancing determinants for free, constraint- lacking positioning, with increased allowance for debate and public reformulations of sense, without trying to repress ideatic inflammations or theoretically “inflamed” skirmishes/controversies, Sloterdijk vs. Habermas &Co, situated on the edge (and stumbling upon) the 1999 moment, are articulating a benchmark sequence able to (philosophically) predict the apocalyptic air of sensationalism soon to pervade the medium of German philosophy.

Keywords: Tabloidisation; Skandalon; Sloterdijk – Habermas – Honneth

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