Acasă Articole RTR SUPPLEX LIBELLUS VALACHORUM TRANSILVANIAE Aspecte ale modernităţii discursului retoric

SUPPLEX LIBELLUS VALACHORUM TRANSILVANIAE Aspecte ale modernităţii discursului retoric


Supplex Libellus Valachorum Transilvaniae
Aspects of the Modernity of Rhetoric Discourse

The paper investigates the memorandum Supplex… at the level of discourse rhetoric mechanisms. This approach brings forward both the ideological determination of the authors and their contribution to the conceptualisation of the discourse types. The Supplex is a rhetoric discourse with an expressly ideological content and surface structure, aspect which I demonstrate by the rhetoric instruments of rhetoric analysis at the level of the argumentation. Concurrently, the panpedagogism which characterises the whole cultural activity of the Scoala Ardeleana is extant in this memorandum as well by the deployment of the peculiar methods of the discursive didactic strategy. Therefore, this lesson of history is at the same time an authentic lesson of rhetoric, which has not been adequately revealed so far in the literature. In this analysis, I hope to accentuate in another way some of the coordinates underlying the crucial contribution of the Scoala Ardeleana to the modernisation of the Romanian culture and, implicitly, to its integration into the circuit of the greater culture (European and universal). The concerned methodology is the linguistic approach – general rhetoric analysis (with elements of the theory of argumentation), semantic analysis and pragma-stylistic analysis.
Keywords: rhetoric mechanisms, logical evaluation, tasological evaluation, tropological evaluation, persuasive value

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