Acasă Articole RTR Speranțe și neîmpliniri ale secolului al XVII-lea: Bacon, Campanella, Galilei, Newton

Speranțe și neîmpliniri ale secolului al XVII-lea: Bacon, Campanella, Galilei, Newton


Expectations and Failures of the 17th Century: Bacon, Campanella, Galilei, Newton

The beginning of the 17th century is marked by the expression of high expectations regarding the renovation of knowledge. That was the moment when, at terms with the Enlightenment and the rise of modern times, an intellectual effort was made to preserve the heritage of the past, yet to give voice to new concerns. The renovation was designed as to engulf Renaissance and modern knowledge in a broad synthesis, as expressed by Baconʼs project, having in mind that all the aspects of life have to be addressed, including the political authority. However, the advancement in physics and the matematization of natural sciences turned the research into new settings. Beginning with the second half of the century, metaphysics and all the subsequent areas of knowledge have been abandoned for the quest of the mechanical functioning of an empty, cold and impersonal universe.

Keywords: Modern age, modern science, religion, esoterism, European history.


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