Acasă Articole RTR Romanul „hibrid“ şi oglindirea creatoare a antinomiilor

Romanul „hibrid“ şi oglindirea creatoare a antinomiilor


The ”hybrid” novel and the creative reflection of antinomies

G. Ibrăileanu, although he hasn’t framed critical and esthetical innovating solutions, and hasn’t strongly militated against a certain directions, he has still managed to build a coherent and viable ideology starting from the Romanian cultural reality of his time, without losing sight of the dominant literary phenomena from the European space. As far as the novel is concerned, his theoretical ideas, spread like a puzzle in journalism, find thier sistematization in the essay Creation and analysis (Creaţie şi analiză – 1926). In order to understand Ibrăileanu’s conception about the sovereign epic species, the reading of those articles must be completed. There we can see very clearly what kind of Romanian forms are accepted by the critic from „Viaţa românească” and why. Before instituting a theoretical system, before the aimed coherence – result of conceptualization -, there is viscerality, prompt reaction. The
present study aims at observing the evolution and metamorphoses of G. Ibrăileanu’s ideas concerning the novel.
Keywords: Romanian literature, Romanian literary criticism, interwar Romanian writers, G. Ibrăileanu

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