Acasă Articole RTR Probleme ale numirii în viziunea lui Saul Kripke

Probleme ale numirii în viziunea lui Saul Kripke


Problems of naming in Saul Kripke’s vision

At the beginning of the ’70s Saul Kripke introduced the concept of rigid designator in his lectures on „Naming and necessity”. This alternative approach on the problem of reference proved to be a kind of revolution. Kripke argues against what he calls the Frege-Russell view on proper names, according to which a proper name is nothing more than a disguised definite description. His „rigid designator” is a name that, by definition, always designates the same object. „The same” means that the object is considered to be the same in all possible worlds even if it doesn’t have the same properties each time and, moreover, even if no essential set of properties which occurs each time can be indicated.


Saul Kripke, Numire şi necesitate (Naming and Necessity), transl. by Mircea Dumitru, Editura ALL, Bucureşti, 2001.