Acasă Articole RTR Primul mythos de stânga al literaturii române contemporane

Primul mythos de stânga al literaturii române contemporane


The First Leftist Mythos of Contemporary Romanian Literature

Abstract: Mihai Iovănel’s History of Contemporary Romanian Literature: 1990-2020 is the first leftist major narrative of Romanian literature – and the shockwaves it generated were due even more to this firm ideological option (the first such one in the history of major Romanian literary histories) than to its literary content proper. The present article aims at asserting the main three accomplishments and shortcomings generated by this ideological option – namely that: i) it succeeds in coalescing the first coherent narrative of the last three decades of Romanian literature; ii) it sometimes turns from an ideological option into an ideological bias – and modifies the factuality of Romanian literature, eliminating important writers, exaggerating the qualities of some other ones, searching to distribute merits (to leftist writers) and punishments (to right-wing ones) according with their political option, and not with their literary qualifications; iii) it is an impressive stylistic achievement in itself, even though quite ironically its author disregards the virtues of aestheticism.

Keywords: history of contemporary Romanian literature, Mihai Iovănel, cultural left versus cultural right, cultural wars, Romanian literary histories

Citation suggestion: Vancu, Radu. “Primul mythos de stânga al literaturii române contemporane”. Transilvania, no. 7-8 (2021): 139-143.