Acasă Articole RTR Politica spațiului sau dubla modalitate a ironiei anilor `80, de a capta...

Politica spațiului sau dubla modalitate a ironiei anilor `80, de a capta atenția


The Politics of Space or The Double Modality of The Irony of The`80S, to Capture our Attention

The present study approaches the visual anecdotal politics illustrated by the Comrade Detective series (2017), in order to confirm, on the one hand, that Linda Hutcheon’s statement on the irony of the 1980s that captured our attention most, can be validated with arguments from a specific area, and, on the other hand, that the temporal context of the `80s gives meaning to an ironically guided temporality, with a specific role in the ironic filtrating of space, and as a return, by ironic recompense, to a certain past. The mentioned series has two sequences that can be read in the parameters of a particular space – Monopoly game and the reflexes of the distributional inequality and of the discriminatory geography (Edward W. Soja) & the other, New York Avenue as transportable space, following Juliet Flower MacCannell`s simulated-space-films. Both converge towards the ironically remodeling of an architecture plan/project of the 1980s Romania.

Keywords: irony and space; spatial (in)justice; transportable space; the politics of space; televisual city