Acasă Articole RTR Partes Transilvane intrabunt et te de tota terra tua disperdent: Maximilian I...

Partes Transilvane intrabunt et te de tota terra tua disperdent: Maximilian I de Habsburg către Ştefan cel Mare după Codrii Cosminului (I)


An astonishing and furthermore anonymous report was preserved in the archives of the “Slovak branch” of the Erdődi family. Written in all likelihood in spring 1498, and – additionally – with direct focus on the policies of future cardinal Thomas Bakócz of Erdőd (Ardud), the extensive Latin document covered the recent talks and arrangements between Maximilian I of Habsburg, King of the Romans, and Stephen the Great, voivode of Moldavia. The document was eloquently entitled Modus conspirationis Romanorum regis Maximiliani cum Stephano, waywoda Moldavo, contra statum serenissimi principis domini Wladislai, Dei gratia regis Hungarie, Bohemie etc. et similiter contra statum serenissimi principis domini Alberti, Polonorum regis, primus initam cum prefata maiestate regis Hungarie et strictissimo iuramento firmatam perpetuam pacem et concordiam. The report provides a thorough overview of Maximilian’s (and Stephen’s) complex network of Hungarian supporters, as well as an insight into the most delicate matter of Habsburg-Ottoman agreements. The document substantiates Maximilian’s pompous claim of February 1498 (made in front of the Spanish ambassador at his court) that the Wallachian (Stephen of Moldavia) controlled half of Hungary, while the other half of the realm reverted to the King of the Romans, therefore prompting the profound reformation of Europe, much desired by the Habsburg monarch.