Acasă Articole RTR Nae Ionescu şi ideea de putere politică în România anilor ‘20

Nae Ionescu şi ideea de putere politică în România anilor ‘20


Nae Ionescu and the Concept of Political Power in Romania of the 1920’s

The purpose of this text is to outline Nae Ionescu’s position toward the concept of political power of Romania in the 1920’s. The main ideas were taken from the articles printed in that period, ideas clearly and concisely expressed by the philosopher. The text tries to emphasize the organic character of the author’s political thinking and its adjustment to the realities of those times. Nae Ionescu does not talk about an ideal of the political power, but about some possible solutions to the Romanian reality. Starting from the organic character of his political beliefs and taking into account the Romanian essence, respectively orthodoxy, peasantry and the lack of understanding of the concept of delegation by most of the population, we will try to point out the author’s somehow natural orientation toward the divine monarchy.
Keywords: Nae Ionescu, political philosophy , nation, political power, orthodoxism, organicity


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