Acasă Articole RTR Minodora Sălcudean, Blogging-ul și jurnalismul actual: intersecții, dileme, soluții

Minodora Sălcudean, Blogging-ul și jurnalismul actual: intersecții, dileme, soluții


Blogging and today journalism: crossroads, dilemmas, solutions

Everywhere in the world, developments in blogging phenomenon have generated vivid and poignant discussions with regard to its junction with conventional journalism. One fear, rather widespread after blogging established its direction, and inside voices have grown more distinct, was that bloggers could replace professional journalists. Ideologists and professionals within traditional press have looked at each other rather sceptically, often criticizing bloggers’ lack of professionalism, subjectivity and lack of credibility. In the opposite extreme, there are voices in favour of alternative journalism, considering that renouncing information monopoly has been the best thing that could have happened in mass communication. A current position, which reconciles the two extremes, looks upon blogging, when exercised at the purview of civic activism and community related, as an adequate, opportune and complementary alternative to traditional journalism.
Keywords: blogging, mass-media, citizen journalism, online press

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