Acasă Articole RTR Mario Vargas Llosa. În căutarea naratorului perfect

Mario Vargas Llosa. În căutarea naratorului perfect


Mario Vargas Llosa. In Search Of The Perfect Narrator

A representative figure of the South-American literature, Mario Vargas Llosa is at the same time one of the most involved writers in his country’s social life, involvement that resulted in the episode of his candidacy at the beginning of the ’90s to the presidency of Peru. This status, though honorable for the political man, was quite uncomfortable to the writer, who was more than incriminated because of his novels’ topics; therefore, the quality of his fictional works was often ignored by his opponents, who read
his works by means of inadequate biographical criteria, considering them thus as expressions of moral degradation and deflective behavior, inappropriate for a future possible president. This is also the case of the novel Pantaleón y las visitadoras (Captain Pantoja and the Special Service), which is relevant for the peculation of aims and functions of literature, as far as the novel is not only a fresco of the Peruvian society or of the Peruvian Army, but also a discovery of the humour and the exploration of several types of narrative discourse.
Keywords: Mario Vargas Llosa, Reality / Fiction, Heteroglossia, Narrative Discourse, Humour

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