Acasă Articole RTR Leonid Dimov – legislator și regizor al visului

Leonid Dimov – legislator și regizor al visului


Leonid Dimov – Legislator and Director of the Dream

This study aims to examine, through a close reading approach, the theoretical texts of the poet Leonid Dimov, who seconded the writer Dumitru Ţepeneag, the main theorist of the Oneiric Movement in Romania during the second half of the 20th century. In his theoretical texts, Leonid Dimov wanted to explain, in leitmotif manner, why Aesthetic Oneirism was a direction with a purpose and why dreams represented, according to the new literary formula proposed by Oneirism, a structure that was moulded lucidly, rationally, after oneiric patterns. Dimov’s theoretical forays, in which he considered himself to be a legislator and a director of dreams, also explain, in fact, the underlying mechanisms of his poetry and his creed.

Keywords: Leonid Dimov, Dumitru Țepeneag, Oneiric Movement, Aesthetic Oneirism, legislation of dream, lucid dream

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