Acasă Articole RTR Knowledge and the Communicational Sphere

Knowledge and the Communicational Sphere


Knowledge and the Communicational Sphere

The communicational sphere emerges as a heterogeneous, polyphonical, interference-breeding and eventharboring frame, not lastly pseudo-gnoseological, in which the symbolic forms, as instruments of communication and knowledge, are structuring an interpretive and constructive process, while delineating standards for the statusquo of knowledge. The operational, the functional and the exploitable, as well as the ideological narrowing resulting from tracing and reconfiguring certain meanings determines an erosion of the critical conscience and even a defeat of reason in the battle for the domination over information, social values and patterns that are instrumental in decrypting meanings.

Keywords: communication, conformism, confirmation, consensus, conscience, social context, media culture, rational knowledge, decrypting, event, reason, ideology, intelligibility, interpretation, understanding, mediation, social order, power, reality, sign, meaning, simulacre, symbolic system, public space, print.


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