Acasă Articole RTR Ion Stratan. Synopsisul receptării critice

Ion Stratan. Synopsisul receptării critice


Ion Stratan’s Poetry. The Synopsis of the Critical Reception

The study aims at a systematization and organization of the variegated and almost chaotic critical reception of the several dozen of volumes containing Ion Stratan’s poetry, from the 1980s until today. The author observes the ambiguous relation between Ion Stratan’s initial poetics and that of his strict contemporaries from the influential “Cenaclul de luni” (“The Monday Literary Circle”), led by the most authoritative literary critic of the time, Nicolae Manolescu – Ion Stratan, though belonging to its very core, did not participate in the canonic battle of the young poets of the 80’s with their predecessors from the 60’s and mainly with the poetics of Nichita Stănescu; as a matter of fact, Ion Stratan’s poetry proves rather to continue, though using the refined technicalities of the 80’s (with its seemingly jocular and vernacular spirit), the metaphysical bias of Nichita Stănescu’s poetry.
Keywords: Romanian literature, Romanian poetry, Generation ‘80, textualism, post-modernism

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