Acasă Articole RTR Ion Mureşan. Poezia corporalităţii

Ion Mureşan. Poezia corporalităţii


Ion Mureşan. The Poetry of Corporeality

Ion Mureşan’s poetry escapes any theoretical/canonical label. His vision of poetry is profoundly corporeal, hence intermediary. But this corpo-reality will produce anxiety and even sheer fear both to the poetical ego and to the reader as a threatening, self-sufficient, self-reproductive body invades the world. Moreover, instead of being a mediator between the self and the world, the supreme bodiness mixes them, plays “dirty” games with them and eventually substitues them in canibalistic, Expresionist scenarios. The highly ironical, (auto)parodical poetical instance is incapable of making poems by words or images, by divine inspiration or by other poems. The poet does not speak, he growls or cries, his eyes are blind and he lost his memory. He becomes the “tasty” prisoner of his own flesh-and-blood-ness. This explains why the library must be destroyed by the frightening cybergod (axe on his shoulder) acting like a cold-blooded hunter. Ion Mureşan’s poems are neither definitely Modernist, although the abuse of “negative categories” might be invoked, nor clearly Postmodernist. They are scratched on our brains by the poet’s nails. The impossibility of poetry and the absurd, convulsive possibilities of the super-body make the reader feel like a mouse in a trap. The paradoxical nature of the bodypoems does not allow any final interpretation or safe way out from the autistic corpo-reality.
Keywords: Romanian poetry, Modernism, Postmodenism, neo-expressionism, generation ‘80’s poetry, Ion Mureşan


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