Acasă Articole RTR Ioana Paula Armăsar, Gheorghe Crăciun – ruptura de Flaubert

Ioana Paula Armăsar, Gheorghe Crăciun – ruptura de Flaubert


Gheorghe Crăciun – The Separation from Flaubert

Gheorghe Crăciun, the prose writer who was enhanced by the genuine skills of aliterary theorist and the literary critic who was redoubled by the demands of the academic,designed and then elaborated his novels using a series of interactive determinations whichwould both engage and prepare the reader by granting him/her a reception/creation stance.The literature that the eighties generation writer metabolized allows itself to be unveiled intogenerative matrices. In his utopia of encompassing the world through writing, Crăciun isprofoundly and visibly influenced by Flaubert and his art. The deflection from Flaubert occurson two levels: first, the level of the author’s openly declared agenda to accomplish a change ofstyle (in Blue Women), and second, the one of the unmitigated love for his characters. Theexplanation may be that Crăciun’s writing-reading imperatively requires the extraction of thecharacters (sought, created, reconfigured) from the very self as well as the inclusion ofcorporality which is considered referential for his entire work. Crăciun is incorporated in thebody of the text. Even the harmony of the whole, reiterated by androgyny through thesuccessive exploration of the animus/ anima conglomerate, pursues this direction ofconsistency with the self. It is Crăciun’s manner of solving the Flaubertian authenticitydilemma.

Keywords: bovarysm, authenticity, androgyny, sensorial, body, style.

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