Acasă Articole RTR Ioan Es. Pop, exorcistul

Ioan Es. Pop, exorcistul


Ioan Es. Pop, the exorcist

The study is focused on the poetry of Ioan Es. Pop, one of the most important contemporary Romanian poets. The fictional world described by his poems is an unescapable inferno, a livid world where the only active and influential figures are those of Death and Evil. Ioan Es. Pop’s poetry can only be properly understood in connection with the authoritative and sympathetic study of Georges Bataille, La littérature et le mal, discussing the intricate and perverse, yet fertile, relations between literature and evil, and it may be compared with Michel Leiris’ poems from Haut mal. Of course, this poetic inferno was often set in a relation of subsequence with the appearance of post-Communist Romanian society; but its origins are in fact metaphysical.


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