Acasă Articole RTR (Inter)subiectificare și gramaticalizare: gen în limba română contemporană

(Inter)subiectificare și gramaticalizare: gen în limba română contemporană


(Inter)subjectification and Grammaticalization: “Gen” in Contemporary Romanian

In this paper, I analyze the semantic, syntactic, and pragmatic development of the word gen in contemporary Romanian against the terminological couplet (inter)subjectification – grammaticalization. The most important conclusions of the present research highlight the following aspects: the early twentieth-century (inter)subjectification of the phrase în genul constitutes the main premise for the grammaticalization of the term; the postwar competition and specialization of Romanian phrases în genul, de genul, and de tipul; the full grammaticalization of the anteposed (adverbial) gen and the insufficient grammaticalization of the postposed (adjectival and adverbial) gen, witnessed in Romanian over the last two decades.

Keywords: gen, (inter)subjectification, grammaticalization, contemporary Romanian