Acasă Articole RTR Florin Iaru şi cultura beat

Florin Iaru şi cultura beat


Florin Iaru and the “Beat” Culture

Florin Iaru is one of the best-known poets of the “80s generation” in Romanian literature. This article is a short study of his poetic works, which are seen through the beatnik lens, and the cultural climate in which they appeared. Not necessarily treating poetic texts per se, but more attitudes of the poet and internal structure of the poetic world, which deconstructs reality in the same way as less known beat authors from the second generation, like d.a.levy (without having direct contact with such poetics), this article positions Florin Iaru as one of the Romanian poets whose verses can be most vividly assimilized with beat literature, because of their energy, because of their direct and apparently “joyful” air, which in fact is filled with an incredibly destabilizing force.

Keywords: Florin Iaru, beat poets, 80s generation, Romanian poetry


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