Acasă Articole RTR Exigența pudorii și exigența adevărului

Exigența pudorii și exigența adevărului


The Exigency of Pudicity and the Exigency of Truth

Diaries of contemporary writers and philosophers, published while they are still alive, always have to make a negotiation between what should be said and what can be said – between the exigency of truth and the exigency of pudicity. The present study examines the diary of Ion Dur, contemporary professor and essayist, known for his lifelong attachment to the wotks of Emil Cioran and Constantin Noica, aiming at seeing how his philosophical background influences his quotidian movements within the field of the real. Such diaries represent an applied, most concrete philosophy, translated into the movements of everyday life.

Keywords: contemporary Romanian literature, Ion Dur, contemporary diary, autobiographic pact