Acasă Articole RTR Don Juan la feminin

Don Juan la feminin


The Feminine Don Juan

Starting from Radu Stanca’s Dona Juana, the main purpose of the following paper is to interpret a series of valences regarding Don Juan’s myth. The study contains two parts, the first one pointing out the construction and reception elements of the Dona Juana’s theatre play, while the second one is highlighting the characterization of the Don Juan taking into consideration multiple perspectives, starting with Ian Watt’s theory and then continuing with the issue of gender, which puts Don Juan’s individuality in question. An important part of the study refers to the myth’s interpretation from the perspective of the androgynous aspect, ending with Freud and Jung’s psychoanalytic theories relating to Oedipus and Electra complex.

Keywords: Radu Stanca, modern Romanian literature, Don Juan, Dona Juana