Acasă Articole RTR Degradare și limite în proza lui Ian McEwan

Degradare și limite în proza lui Ian McEwan


Degradation and limit in Ian McEwan’s narrative

Considering degradation and sexuality in its quest of reviving the readers need for representation, this paper challenges the possibilities of textual regeneration, problematizing the narrative practice as a way of voicing the multiple interfaces of the human body. Namely, through motifs like: the masturbating child, incest, sexual freedom of the mentally ill and the manipulator, this study explores the overlappings entailed in some of Ian McEwan’s novels, such as: Cement Garden, Amsterdam, On Chesil Beach, The Confort of Strangers and Atonement. Furthermore, the paper will talk about sexuality and degradation using a series of concepts as the image that encrypts the directions of limit. Lastly, this paper will present the process of limit including the evolution of the author’s narrative style and the way he treats schizoid universes through solutions such as degradation.

Keywords: Ian McEwan, transgression, limit, sexuality, degradation, body


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