Acasă Articole RTR De la polemică acerbă la pact de colaborare: C. Stere şi A.A....

De la polemică acerbă la pact de colaborare: C. Stere şi A.A. Bădărău


From polemic to collaboration pact

The present work intends to examine the evolution of the relationship between C. Stere, former socialist who joined the Liberal National Party, and A. A. Bădărău, former socialist and the founder of the Radical Democrat Party, which eventually merged with the Conservative Party. The relationship starts with a biting polemic, between October 1898 and March 1899, in which C. Stere is defeated, being in a very unfavourable position, as a result of his election for the position of mayor deputy of Iaşi on the Liberal lists. The defeat itself in the “fight of ideas”, but especially the numerous blows which had as target vulnerable parts of his personality became an important factor in the decision of the majority of the socialist intellectuals – “the generous youth” – to join the Liberal National Party in January 1900. From the new and much stronger position, C. Stere immediately restarted the fight with the conservative politicians in Iaşi, having as target especially A. A. Bădărău, getting his revenge in a very powerful pamphlet entitled Bădăranul boierit (The Boor Who Became a Boyard). The study thus completes C. Stere’s biography and brings into light somewhat hidden parts of his portrait. At the same time, more of his published texts are recuperated. Eventually, it brings a few new elements, which bring more light in the politic events at the end of the XIXth and the beginning of the XXth century.
Keywords: Romanian history, history of Romanian politics, Liberal National Party, Constantin Stere, A.A. Bădărău, Conservative Party

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