Acasă Articole RTR De la avangarda istorică la neoavangarda douămiistă (I)

De la avangarda istorică la neoavangarda douămiistă (I)


From Historical Avant-Garde to the Neoavant-garde of the 2000s

The present paper attempts to investigate the extent of which the Romanian historical avant-garde has constantly updated itself throughout history, starting from the early reiterations in the 40s and 50s and ending with the poetry of the 2000s. In order to demonstrate this, I will asses both the socio-cultural context of Romanian post-war and post-communist transition, as well as the evolution of literary forms that allowed for the constant “updates” of the historical avant-garde in Romanian poetry. This article also debates the thesis of Peter Bürger and the way it can be applied both to the historical avant-gardes and to the poetry of the 2000s, as contemporary poetry does present the same rebellious attitude towards the institutionalised literature of its precursors.

Keywords: historical avant-garde, Generation 2000, fracturism, Marius Ianuș, manifesto. literary institutions