Acasă Articole RTR Daniela Preda, „Ora de aur” – despre dependență, tristețe și vindecare

Daniela Preda, „Ora de aur” – despre dependență, tristețe și vindecare


„The Good House”: On Addiction, Sadness, and Healing

The  present article discusses some particular issues raised by Ann Leary’s novel The Good House, which deals with alcoholism in a quite sympathetic and profoundly informed manner. The novel aptly observes both the intimate personal life of the alcoholic and the effects it has on the social tissue he/she is involved in – either the nuclear family or the enlarged social and professional group. The main discussion coagulates around the concept of „controlled drinking”, rather controversial under the therapeutical respect, but nevertheless approachable at the individual level.

Keywords: literary sociology, literature and addiction, Ann Leary, The Good House, alcoholism, addiction, coaddiction.


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