Acasă Articole RTR Culturemele chineze – purtătorii celor mai subtile aluzii culturale – în traducere...

Culturemele chineze – purtătorii celor mai subtile aluzii culturale – în traducere românească (II)


Chinese Culturemes – the Becarers of the Most Subtle Cultural Implications –
in Romanian Translation (II)

Culturemes are the markers of the source culture, which can reach the reader in the target language only through the ability of the translator, who must, in fact, be a great connoisseur of the most hidden cultural details. For the transposition of a foreign culture into a new culture, for a communication between them, a loan is needed, retrieval and processing of information so that it is accepted. In order to achieve this goal, a corpus of culturemes from 31 contemporary Chinese novels translated in Romanian between 2000 and 2018 through direct translation were analysed.

Keywords: cultureme, Chinese literature, literary translation, literary reception, cultural transfer.


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