Acasă Articole RTR Contemporaneitatea literaturii – o chestiune de metodă

Contemporaneitatea literaturii – o chestiune de metodă


The Contemporaneity of Literature – A Matter of Method

Abstract:The following article critically deals with Mihai Iovănel’s Istoria literaturii române contemporane. 1990-2020 [The History of Contemporary Romanian Literature. 1990-2020] (Polirom, 2021) from three different, yet intertwined, perspectives, namely 1) the methodological turn, highlighted by an overt post-Marxist attempt at interpreting contemporary Romanian literature, 2) the question of what is – or if there is any – literariness in Istoria literaturii române contemporane. 1990-2020, 3) the issue of transcending normative aesthetics into post-aestheticism as a last resort or perhaps as a new dead-end. Finally, the ideological threshold that divides – or rather emphasis – local national literature as substantially distinct from global literature will be tentatively broached.

Keywords: Romanian literature, post-Marxism, literary criticism, ideology.

Citation suggestion: Neuman, Dan. “Contemporaneitatea literaturii – o chestiune de metodă”. Transilvania, no. 7-8 (2021): 90-102.