Acasă Articole RTR Comunitatea din scrisori. Corespondența cenaclului Viața românească

Comunitatea din scrisori. Corespondența cenaclului Viața românească


The Community of Letters. The Correspondence of Viața românească Reading Club

The present paper analyses the collective imaginary of the cenacle having as a reference point the correspondence of “Viața românească” literary circle. Generally, the forms of literary sociability relate to the interactions of writers in a physical space that creates a particular topography, specific for the literary community. However, the correspondence organizes an alternative space that supersedes the constraints of the geographical space, a space for interaction between “fulltime” members and contributors. Certainly, the correspondence has, first of all, a practical sense as it replaces the conversation of the cenacle, ensures the continuity of the group and the functionality of “Viața românească” revue, or repairs the existing conflicts between the members of the group, but, at the same
time, the correspondence has a symbolic value that is responsible for the consolidation of the literary community.
I examine four themes that illustrate this symbolic function of the correspondence: the desire “to be with you”, the mutual admiration, the auto legitimacy inside the group, and the community as environment for creativity.

Keywords: literary community, collective imaginary, auto legitimacy, creativity, “Viața românească.”


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