Acasă Articole RTR Către o nouă lectură a Întâmplărilor în irealitatea imediată

Către o nouă lectură a Întâmplărilor în irealitatea imediată


Towards a new reading of Adventures in the Immediate Unreality

M. Blecher’s 1936 novel, Adventures in the Immediate Unreality, has consituted a literary puzzle for its interwar readers, as well as for much of the criticism of nowadays. It has always been regarded as a mix between a novel of childhood memories and a symbolic narrative bordering the unreal. This situation triggered a reaction of perplexity from the readers, as some parts of the book were written in a novel-like style, while others were more descriptive and lyrical. This paper tries to account for this diversity of styles and multitude of possible readings by identifying the literary models of M. Blecher: Marcel Proust and André Breton, whose mixed influence of metaphysical recollections of time past and extatic experience of a surreal present are both identifyiable in Adventures in the Immediate Unreality. These two models combine with Blecher’s uncommon talent to form a complex book, or what Matei Calinescu calls „a book for rereading”, its significance being activated differently with every new reading experience.
Keywords: Marcel Proust, surrealism, re-reading, metaphysical narrative, anti-novel

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