Acasă Articole RTR Brian McHale – „Ficţiunea postmodernistă“

Brian McHale – „Ficţiunea postmodernistă“


Brian McHale – “Postmodernist fiction”

The article consists of an introduction to Postmodernist Fiction by Brian McHale and a translation of “Chapter 5: A world next door” from the same book. The introduction attempts on displaying the most significant information with regard to Brian McHale’s biography and work, and includes a general presentation of the book, its focus and main issues, i. e. the epistemological vs. the ontological dominant in fiction. The chapter translated (the Romanian version of the book is forthcoming this year, at Polirom Publishers) describes one of the possible fictional worlds, with an emphasis on the fantastic and the way it has been employed in the works of postmodernist writers.
Keywords: postmodernism, fiction, possible worlds, the fantastic

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