Acasă Articole RTR Bătăliile postmodernismului românesc: Ion Bogdan Lefter – „Postmodernism. Din dosarul unei «bătălii»...

Bătăliile postmodernismului românesc: Ion Bogdan Lefter – „Postmodernism. Din dosarul unei «bătălii» culturale”


The Battles of Romanian Postmodernism

This article debates the status of one of the central thinkers on postmodernism in Romanian culture, Ion Bogdan Lefter. His works hold an important role in the making of Romanian contemporary views on postwar literature, since his engagements have often discussed the big picture of Romanian poetry and fiction when entering a postmodern era, but they have also been interpreted as forms of parti pris for the young literary generation of the 80’s. Influenced by writings of Ihab Hassan or John Bart, Lefter tried to reorganize Romanian literature from the perspective of its ability to integrate the new postmodern condition and through the permanent local obsession for synchronicity to the West. By doing so, he created categories of postwar literature highly acknowledged until today. Still, his portrait as a literary theorist and critic is defined today by his lack of continuity: this article argues that by only defending the 80’s generation of writers, his theories have neglected the continuum of ethics and literary policies that can still be discussed as part of a so called Romanian postmodernism.

Keywords: postmodernism, avant-garde, 80’s generation, postwar literature, synchronicity, criticism, neomodernism


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