Acasă Articole RTR Atracţia coincidenţei contrariilor

Atracţia coincidenţei contrariilor


The Attraction of the Opposites’ Coincidence

The study aims at an identification of the subtle connection and even connaturation between Mircea Eliade’s literary and scientific work. In his diaries, as well as in some conferences and studies, Eliade asserts a common origin of the literary and scientific obsessions, making often reference to similar observations of other remarkable scientists with artistic endowment, such as Newton or Einstein, for instance. The author therefore undertakes a revisiting of the most authorized critical and theoretical opinions regarding Eliade’s literay work from this point of view of the „coincidence of the opposites“, of the coincidental sourcs and origin of Eliade’s literature and philosophy of religions.
Keywords: Mircea Eliade, fantastic prose, mythical and esoterical sources, common sources of literature and science

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