Acasă Articole RTR Antonio Patraş, Arta de a (nu) scrie un roman

Antonio Patraş, Arta de a (nu) scrie un roman


E. Lovinescu. The art of (not) writing a novel

In the present paper we endeavored to prove that Lovinescu’s artistic creation is generally looked down on as a sort of ‘specimen’ failure; in spite of its quantitative importance, his literature did not meet with the public’s general enthusiasm; on the contrary, putting aside the author’s fame, the scholars kept themselves at bay, being reserved in giving any verdicts. The Genesis of Form… seeks to undo the laboratory experiments of an enigmatic writer who, but for writing it, used to know everything about literature. Thus, the book does not represent, in a restrictive way, an instance of genetic criticism, prone to locate and restore only the pre-publication variants. On the contrary, it aims to inquest – in a complex and subtle manner, at the same time – the issue of subjective taste, which should have determined the evolution and aesthetics of literary forms along the prose writer’s biographic course.
Keywords: biography, melodrama, cyclic novel, erotic psychology, creativity


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