Acasă Articole RTR Alina Silvana Felea, ”Aisbergul poeziei moderne” sau înaintând spre „continentul poeziei” din...

Alina Silvana Felea, ”Aisbergul poeziei moderne” sau înaintând spre „continentul poeziei” din cinci direcţii diferite


“Aisbergul poeziei moderne” or moving towards the continent of modern poetry from five different directions

Aisbergul poeziei moderne is one of the most consistent Romanian studies that have been written about modern poetry. The dominant dimension particularly emphasized throughout the book is the transitive characteristic of the new poetry (the proposal for the concepts of transitive/reflexive poetry belongs to the author). There are also references to what Gheorghe Crăciun calles reflexive poetry and to the linguistic poetry so as to complete the picture of all modern poetry. A nuanced perspective, ontological, poetic, and chronological, but also geographical, morphological supports the main thesis of the work: transitive poetry is worth entering the canon. As such, transitive poetry is not only valuable, but should be definetely read and known bya all those who really want to understand the phenomenon of modern poetry in its essential data.

Keywords: modern poetry, poets, poetic language, transitive, reflexive, linguistics, ontology, sense

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