Acasă Articole RTR Alexandru Muşina. Epistolele moralistului

Alexandru Muşina. Epistolele moralistului


Alexandru Muşina. The Moralist’s Epistles

Alexandru Muşina, one of the four or five major poets of the generation ’80, has published during the last decade in the „Vatra” cultural magazine a series of letters (addressed to the critics Alexandru Cistelecan and Virgil Podoabă) regarding Romanian contemporary cultural life. Their mordant intelligence and cynicism, somewhat Swiftian and Wildian in their substance, as well as Muşina self-defined attitude of perpetual „Gică Contra” (that is, of a perpetually denying and opposing spirit) has made them both shocking and influential on the Romanian cultural market. The present study observes a rather suprising filiation of Muşina’s spirit – more precisely, the concealed relation it has with Nietzsche’s understanding of the code of tragic morality. Thus, the study’s author finally states that Alexandru Muşina’s letters dissimulate, as their close reading shows, a moralist of the most genuine Nietzschean descent.
Keywords: contemporary Romanian literature, cultural management, Alexandru Muşina, letters, ethos of complicity

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