Acasă Articole RTR Alexandra Ungureanu-Atănăsoaie, ”Trup și corp” în ”Acte originale/ Copii legalizate”

Alexandra Ungureanu-Atănăsoaie, ”Trup și corp” în ”Acte originale/ Copii legalizate”


“Flesh and Body” in “Original Documents / Legalized Copies”

The current paper aims at investigating the occurences and the imagery of two main concepts in the phenomenology, namely flesh and body, as they can be encountered in Gheorghe Crăciun’s debut novel, Acte originale / Copii legalizate. Using the concepts provided by phenomenology and further refined by authors such as Jean Luc Marion and Michel Henry, the analysis centers around instances of the flesh, on the one hand and of the body, on the other, with a bigger and more important purpose in mind, namely that of deciding whether Gheorghe Crăciun’s main theme, that of corporeality, can hint at his being a modern author, with an emphasis on deep subjects or a postmodern one, as it would be the case if only the techniques were taken into consideration.

Keywords: flesh, body, corporeality, phenomenology.

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