Acasă Articole RTR Zoltán Rostás – Enciclopedia României și Școala Gustiană de Sociologie

Zoltán Rostás – Enciclopedia României și Școala Gustiană de Sociologie


The Encyclopaedia of Romania and Sociological Gusti’s School

The Encyclopaedia of Romania, scheduled for publication in six volumes, of which only four were eventually published because of the beginning of World War II, represented an outstanding intellectual exploit, which wouldn’t have been accomplished without the contribution of the Sociological School of Bucharest, led by Dimitrie Gusti. The process of elaborating the conception of the encyclopaedia and organizing the collaborators’ work unfolded in the context of political tensions at home and abroad, which eventually lead to the beginning of World War II. This project was facilitated by the fact that Gusti’s school had reached maturity and was given the honor of organizing the 14th International Congress of Sociology, in Bucharest, precisely in 1939. The four volumes published from 1938 onwards and the documents of the two unfinished volumes bear witness of the Gustian School’s capacity to orient and mobilize the interwar Romanian intelligentsia for an essentially interdisciplinary work, a natural perspective for the monographic sociological framework. This introductory study, as well as the following analyses of the different aspects of this encyclopaedia, aims to bring light on several aspects of the Romanian interbellum which have been frequently omitted in the post-Decembrist intellectual discourse.
Keywords: The Encyclopaedia of Romania, Sociological School of Bucharest, political crises, International Congress of Sociology