Acasă Articole RTR Zoe Dumitrescu Buşulenga: Despre Eminescu în orizonturile romantismului german

Zoe Dumitrescu Buşulenga: Despre Eminescu în orizonturile romantismului german


Zoe Dumitrescu-Buşulenga: The attractiveness of comparatism.
Eminescu in the horizon of the germanic romanticism

This paper is intended to be “a critique of the critique” applied to Zoe Dumitrescu-Buşulenga’s study Eminescu şi romantismul german (Eminescu and the Germanic Romanticism). I was interested in the way in which the critique uses the concept of comparatism, therefore, I could easily notice that for Zoe Dumitrescu-Buşulenga, the concept of comparatism is invested with a particular definition and a special practicability. For Zoe Dumitrescu-Buşulenga, the comparatism, as an exegetics procedure of working, has the understanding of the French term that herself confers to it “discipline de coronnement” (discipline of
crowning). That is why, I truly believe that the exegetics that the critique undertakes is based on a orientation of the study, doubtless, “towards concept”, this paper is a suitable demonstration of the pertinet theory sustained by Ioana Bot who makes well-known the major problem of the “eminescology”: “the majority of the studies, regarding Eminescu, are, most of the time, “author-oriented”, instead of being “problem-oriented” or better said, “concept-oriented.” The studies “author-oriented” tell us what we already know, the fact that Eminescu is a great poet.” But starting from the premise that this “eminescologic” study is mirrored in the Germanic romanticism as a manner of exploring the comparatist sources, I tried to organise this universe of influence with the help of “three concentric circles.” Nevertheless, taking into consideration that the comparative method is for Zoe Dumitrescu-Buşulenga one “sans rivages” (without borders), my intentions were of the best: I focused on the way in which Eminescu really borrows romantic motives, themes, elements from the Romantic writers, but always this borrowing is, finally, filtrated through his own vision about world and himself, the result -the mirroring in the Germanic romanticismbeing an amazing proceeding of how Eminescu analyses and transforms some known “topoi” into new meanings, offering its new perspectives, functions and symbolical representations. In one word, the construction of his own mito-poetic universe, knowing that Eminescu does feel constantly connected to the the (romantic) spirit of the century.
Keywords: concentrical circle, sweet music, creation of Eminescu, German romantism, new world of Eminescu.


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