Acasă Articole RTR Wie es eigentlich gewesen war*

Wie es eigentlich gewesen war*


How it should have been

From many point-of-view the speech of proffesor Thomas Nägler answers, after almost one century, to the question of Nicolae Iorga which he put to himself in the volume Villages and monasteries from Romania , Bucharest, Minerva Publishing House, 1955, about Biertan, the village situated in the county of Sibiu, known to most of the inhabitants of Romania for its evanghelic church and its fortified tow. The volum Marktort und Bischofssitz Birthälm in Siebenbürgen answers to many questions of the history of Biertan and is a guide to everybodywho wants a better knowledge of the place.
Keywords: Biertan, Thomas Nägler, Transylvanian history, Sibiu county.

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