Acasă Articole RTR Vlad Sofronie, Supravieţuirea Bizanţului şi confruntarea celor două creştinătăţi în prima jumătate...

Vlad Sofronie, Supravieţuirea Bizanţului şi confruntarea celor două creştinătăţi în prima jumătate a secolului al XIII-lea în Asia Mică şi spaţiul românesc


The survival of Byzantium and the confrontation between the two Christian Worlds in the first half of the 13th century in Little Asia and the Romanian Space

In this essay we intended to show how the Byzantine empire survived despite the conquering and the sacking of Constantinople through the crusaders. In the second part of the study I present how the two Christian confessions got into conflict in the Romanian space in the first half of the 13th century. On the ground of the empire of Nicaea, the Constantinopolitan world found its refuge and began the preparations to regain their symbol: Constantinople. The best example for the hate the Byzantines felt for the pope is a letter from the emperor John the III-rd Vatatzes to the Pope Gregoire the IX. It is actually an answer to an earlier letter sent by the pope to the Byzantine emperor.

The conquering of Constantinople in 1204 and the future events lead to the final tear up between the two Christianities. The survival of the Byzantine empire, and the events during the first half of the 13th century will be the beginning of the hate and the disgust the Greeks began to feel for the Latins over the next two centuries. 50 years after the conquest of the Byzantine capital, the aversion felt by the two Christian worlds towards each other was higher than ever and there was no way of reconciliation.

Keywords: Constantinople, Byzantium, Theodor Lascaris, John III .Vatatzes, Gregory IX., Christianity, Nicaea.

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