Acasă Articole RTR Vlad Sofronie, Die Beziehungen zwischen Byzanz und den lateinischen Fürstentümern aus dem...

Vlad Sofronie, Die Beziehungen zwischen Byzanz und den lateinischen Fürstentümern aus dem Orient im 12. Jahrhundert in der Interpretation des höfischen Zeremoniells


The Relations Between Byzantium and The Latin Principalities From The Orient In The Interpretation Of The Court Ceremonial (12th Century)

This article wants to present the way the Latin principalities from the Orient adapted themselves to the Byzantine ceremonial in the 12th century. We underline how the Latin chroniclers from the Orient interpreted and understood these rituals. Then we see the Catholic princes transgressing the ceremonial and what was the purpose for that. Another aspect is to present how the Latins began to accommodate and to use for their own good the new realities including the so feared Byzantine diplomacy. They are looking to collaborate with the Byzantines because it was their only hope against the Muslim attacks. The Oriental Catholics realized that the big threat didn’t come from the Greeks but from the Islam which was rising at this time. The Byzantines and their emperor Manuel Comnenos represent their only hope and possibility of rescuing their possessions from the Islamic expansion. That’s why they try to find alliance in Constantinople.

Keywords: Constantinople, Antioch, ceremonial, Renaud de Châtillon, Latin-Orient, vassals, Jerusalem.



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