Acasă Articole RTR Vivre dans l’intervalle

Vivre dans l’intervalle


Living in the Interval

Written in French, the poetry volume (Intervalle ouvert) (Open Interval) reveals not only the inner beauty of a long monologue filled with cultural references that, without defining its endpoints, reinterprets facts and time, by giving back a puzzle of words and emotions, but also the prowess of an intriguing art of poetry. The title, written as in mathematics, using parentheses, reveals the certainty of doubts, empowering an absurd reality to devour the possible answers. We can also perceive traces of a social poetry welled from the constraints of routine. That is why this volume could be the promise of a great poetry author.

Keywords: collection «Poetès de cinq continents», debut, Romanian contemporary poetry, Francophone poetry, Irina-Roxana Georgescu, (Intervalle ouvert), intertextuality.