Acasă Articole RTR Vita antiqua a unei sfinte travestite: Maria, care și-a schimbat numele în...

Vita antiqua a unei sfinte travestite: Maria, care și-a schimbat numele în Marin. Introducere și traducere


Vita antiqua of a transvestite saint: Mary, who changed her name to Marin. Introduction and Romanian translation

The lives of the so-called transvestite nuns, though popular in Byzantine hagiography are very little known to the generic Romanian reader. This is also the case of Saint Mary, commemorated in the Orthodox Church on February 12th. Her story tells us that she followed her father into a monastery, changing her name to Marinos and wearing men’s clothes and short hair. Her identity as a woman remained hidden until death. In this paper I present the editions of the Greek versions of St Maria’s life, arguing that the version edited by Marcel Richard is not a new version, but rather a new edition of the BHG 615 version. I also offer the first Romanian translation of Marcel Richard’s edition, considered by its editor Vita antiqua.

Keywords: Mary/Marinos, transvestite nun, February 12th, Romanian translation, BHG 615


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