Acasă Articole RTR Vasile Chifor, Starea de graţie a prozei scurte

Vasile Chifor, Starea de graţie a prozei scurte


Short prose’s state of grace

Vasile Chifor, a romanian critic and prose writer from Sibiu, writes an essey about the Ioan Radu Văcărescu’s book of prose A village called Romania, printed in three editions in the last ten years, the last one in 2010. The critic focuses about the background and the characters of Văcărescu’s prose, in fact over 30 short stories, about the special world of this literature, either far from idealism, or under the sign of social determinism and automation of existence. The author, writes the critic, comes from a famous tradition, that of transilvanian romanian prose, but he built a modern literary frame of an unique spiritual territory, including his native town of Sibiu, his fictional signature being under the sign of narration.

Keywords: Romanian contemporary prose, Ioan Radu Văcărescu, short story, narration, narrativity, traditional and modern prose.

  • Ioan Radu Văcărescu, Un sat numit România / A village called Romania (schiţe, povestiri, nuvele, Editura George Coşbuc, Bistriţa, 2010, volum aflat, prin prelucrări şi reordonări, la ediţia a treia).