Acasă Articole RTR Vase cu mărci de olar din situri de pe valea Târnavei Mari...

Vase cu mărci de olar din situri de pe valea Târnavei Mari (secolele VIII-XIII)


Potter’s marks from the sites on Târnava Mare valley (8th-13th century)

The article presents pots with potter’s marks discovered on the Târnava Mare valley in the habitat sites of Bratei – Așezarea nr. 2, Sighișoara – Dealul Viilor, Medișorul Mare – Locul grădinilor, Mureni – Vizlak, as well as from the necropolis sites in Bratei – Cimitirul nr.2 and Mediaș – Dealul Furcilor. These archeological sites fall within Transylvania’s archeological context of pottery findings with pottery marks. The main pottery marks described are decorated by means of circle with different variations, the cross and the quadrilateral forms. They have symbolic meanings expressing superstitions and beliefs. Are there crafts centers on the Târnava Mare Valley? The oven from Sighisoara – Dealul Viilor is dated back to the 8th century (or 7th to8th according to Dan Băcueț-Crișan). We could assume the existence of three such centers: one in the Micăsasa-Mediaş-Bratei area, the other in Sighişoara and a third in the Odorhei area. During the Roman period there was a road leading from Alba Iulia, passing through Micăsasa, Bratei and Sighisoara to Odorhei. The same route is confirmed on the Josephine map. Therefore, we can speak of the existence of a trade route.

Keywords: potter’s mark, Târnava Mare, habitat, necropolis, craft centers, trade route.