Acasă Articole RTR Valerica Sporiş, „Andrei Bârseanu şi «Asociaţiunea»“ – un reper cultural-istoric

Valerica Sporiş, „Andrei Bârseanu şi «Asociaţiunea»“ – un reper cultural-istoric


Andrei Bârseanu şi „Asociaţiunea” – a cultural and historical reference point

The book Andrei Bârseanu şi Asociaţiunea”, written by Professor Pamfil Matei, PhD., represents an act of culture whose significations must be drawn due attention to an valued. It is a fundamental document for the Romanian national history, a scientific work of great interest.

Having thoroughly read the content of the book, I found a polyvalent scholar, fully dedicated to his national culture. A monograph on the life and activity of a personality like Andrei Bârseanu is hard to achieve considering the multitude of qualities he held (cultural historian, member and chairman of several prestigious cultural bodies, such as ASTRA, senator, professor, writer, folklorist, translator, journalist).

Looking at the book from a linguistic point of view, it is justified to consider it a valuable, but also useful instrument, especially due to the glossary that brings to the fore aspects of the Romanian language at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. By selecting outdated terms, but also neologisms that have gradually entered the fundamental Romanian vocabulary, this glossary enables the reader to gain access to sense and signification. Moreover, in the Note on the edition, the author provided sundry linguistic considerations on the texts that have been included in the volume.

Keywords: „Asociaţiunea”, nation, history, culture, linguistics