Acasă Articole RTR D. Gusti: Un an de activitate în afară de țară

D. Gusti: Un an de activitate în afară de țară


One Year of Activity Outside Romania

In a lecture given before the Romanian Academy on July 11, 1947, D. Gusti reports on his endeavors to found a Social Institute of the United Nations during 1946-1947. We mainly reproduced here excerpts concerning his initiatives in the U.S.A., where Gusti chose as a discussion partner the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (with friend émile Laugier and Laugier’s associates Alfred Métraux and Georges Day as main interlocutors). While Gusti’s proposals for a Social Institute of the United Nations (written jointly with Métraux and Day) were embraced with interest, budget considerations did not allow their implementation. As a result, Gusti rewrote his project and presented it to his colleagues
in Social Sciences at Columbia University. A Social Institute of Nations was founded in 1947, with Robert Mac Iver as President, D. Gusti and Boris Mirkine-Guetzévich as Vice-Presidents and Ruth Benedict as Secretary General. The headquarters of the new Institute were established at the Woochefee Institute in New York.
Keywords: D. Gusti, Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, International Social Institute, Alfred Métraux, Georges Day, Columbia University, Robert Mac Iver, Boris Mirkine-Guetzévich, Ruth Benedict